Montana Plant Life Identification Results

Possible Species Listing

Flower Color: White or cream

Angelica arguta – White Angelica
Robust plant, 25-200 cm tall, often ill-smelling. Flowers white, in flat-topped clusters, without involucral bracts. Leaves twice pinnately compound with broad leaflets. Moist areas. Edible.Conium maculatum – Poison Hemlock
Stems tall, branched, purple-spotted. Flowers white, tiny, in numerous, flat-topped umbels. Leaves divided 3-4 times into fine segments. Moist, disturbed sites. Very poisonous.Cymopterus nivalis – Snowline Spring-parsley
Hairless plant, 5-15 cm tall. Flowers grayish-white, tiny, in small umbels about 1 cm wide. Leaves basal, bluish, once divided into slender, small lobes. Open, often rocky places. Heracleum maximum – Cow-parsnip
Coarse, hairy, 100-250 cm tall, strong-smelling. Flowers white, with deeply lobed petals. Umbels 10-30 cm wide. Leaves 10-30 cm wide, with 3 large, lobed leaflets. Moist areas. Edible plant.Osmorhiza depauperata – Blunt-fruited Sweet-root
30-100 cm tall, branched and leafy near tips. Flowers whitish, in narrow umbels. Fruits mostly club-shaped. Leaves twice divided in 3's, the leaflets thin, broad. Woodlands. Edible.Perideridia gairdneri – Gairdner's Yampah
Slender, 40-120 cm tall. Flowers white, in 1-several long-stalked umbels, 2.5-7 cm wide. Leaves divided into few long segments. Woodlands and dry or wet meadows. Edible and medicinal.Arabis holboellii – Holboell's Rockcress
10-100 cm tall, with star-shaped hairs at least below. Flowers white-purple, bent down. Sepals hairy, 2.5-5 mm long. Leaves 1-5 cm long, 2-7 mm broad, w. short, star-shaped hairs. Slopes. Capsella bursa-pastoris – Shepherd's Purse
Slender annual, flowers white, about 4 mm wide. Basal leaves pinnate, stem leaves small, narrow. Fruit pods triangular, flattened, 4-8 mm long. Cardamine breweri – Brewer's Bittercress
Perennial, 20-60 cm tall, mostly hairless. Flowers white, c. 1 cm wide, sepals about 2 mm long, hairless. Leaves broad-ovate, the upper with small, unequal side lobes. Wet places. Cardaria chalapensis – Lens-pod Whitetop
Perennial, flowers small, in wide, dense clusters. Leaves alternate, oblanceolate, sharp-toothed. Fruit pods almost round, hairless, not cordate at base. Thlaspi arvense – Field Pennycress
Erect, 10-50 cm tall, hairless, branched. Flowers white, 4-5 mm wide, clustered. Sepals c. 2 mm long. Leaves alternate, 2-6 cm long, toothed. Pods flat, rounded. Disturbed ground. Potentilla recta – Sulphur Cinquefoil
Plant 30-80 cm tall, very leafy, branched on upper parts. Weed. Flowers pale yellow. Petals heart-shaped, 9-12 mm long. Leaves several on stems, divided into 5-7 leaflets, saw-toothed.
Apocynum androsaemifolium – Dogbane
Plant with milky sap, 20-70 cm tall. Flowers pink or white with pink veins, 4-12 mm long, in open clusters. Leaves opposite, spreading to hanging, egg-shaped to oblong, sharp-pointed. Dry areas, plains-subalpine.
Achillea millefolium – Yarrow
Aromatic perennial, 10-80 cm tall. Common on plains, slopes, disturbed ground. Flowerheads white, with 3-5 rays 3-6 mm long, numerous in flat-topped clusters. Leaves alternate, fern-like, 2-3 times pinnately divided into fine segments.
Anaphalis margaritacea – Pearly Everlasting
Leafy perennial, 20-60 cm tall. Forest openings, foothills-subalpine. Flowerheads white, 7-10 mm wide, with papery bracts, in dense clusters. Leaves alternate, lance-shaped to linear, entire, the edges often rolled under.
Antennaria rosea – Rosy Pussytoes
Mat-forming, slender plant, 5-40 cm tall. Dry, open areas, plains to montane. Flowerheads pink or white, 4-7 mm long, 5-10 growing in flat-topped clusters. Leaves gray-hairy, alternate, few on stem. Basal leaves spoon-shaped.
Aster ericoides – Heath Aster
Perennial 30-100 cm tall, often clustered. Open, wet or dry places in the valleys. Flowerheads densely clustered on branches, with 15-25 white rays 3-8 mm long. Leaves numerous, firm, linear, spine-tipped, 4-7 cm long and 4-5 mm wide.
Leucanthemum vulgare – Oxeye Daisy
Perennial 20-80 cm tall, stems single, often in colonies. Fields and roadsides. Flowerheads white, about 5 cm wide, solitary, with 15-30 rays 1-2 cm long. Leaves alternate, spoon-shaped, mostly hairless, narrowly lobed toothed.
Buglossoides arvensis – Corn Gromwell
Stems 10-70 cm tall, short-stiff-hairy. Flowers white, 5-8 mm long, 2-4 mm wide, without "eye", from upper leaf axils. Leaves alternate, numerous, narrow, 1.5-6 cm long. Fields, roadsides, disturbed sites.
Lappula occidentalis – Western Stickseed
Stems simple or branched, 5-40 cm tall, short-stiff-hairy. Flowers white, 2-4 mm long and 1.5-2.5 mm wide, with yellow eye. Leaves numerous, up to about 6 cm long and 1 cm wide, stiff-hairy. Mostly dry areas.
Linnaea borealis – Twinflower
Evergreen plant, 3-10 cm tall. Shaded and mossy sites, foothills-subalpine. Flowers pink to nearly white, 6-15 mm long, nodding, in pairs on slender stalks. Leaves opposite, evergreen, broadly egg-shaped, 1-2 cm long.
Lonicera utahensis – Utah Honeysuckle
Shrub 1-2 m tall. Moist, wooded or open slopes in the mountains. Flowers nodding, light yellow, funnel-shaped, 1-2 cm long, in pairs. Berries red. Leaves opposite, broadly elliptic to oval, 2-8 cm long, broadly rounded.
Sambucus cerulea – Blue Elderberry
Shrub 2-4 m tall, strong-smelling. Streams, rocky slopes, foothills-montane. Flowers white, 3-6 mm wide, numerous in dense, flat-topped clusters, smelly. Leaves opposite, pinnately divided into 7-9 leaflets, lance-shaped, sharp-toothed.
Symphoricarpos occidentalis – Western Snowberry
Shrub 50-100 cm tall. Well-drained, open or wooded sites, plains to montane. Flowers whitish, broadly funnel-shaped, 7-10 mm wide, lobes longer than corolla. Leaves opposite, broadly elliptic to oval, 3-8 cm long, slightly wavy-edged.
Arenaria serpyllifolia – Thyme-leaved Sandwort
Low-growing, branching, delicate herb, growing on dry or sandy ground. Flowers small, white. Sepals are pointed, 3-4 mm long, longer than petals. Leaves short, lance- to egg-shaped, stalkless, without hairs on edges.
Cerastium fontanum – Common Chickweed
Loosely tufted herb with long hairs. New, leafy shoots growing from bases. Flowers small, white, with petals only slightly longer than the sepals. Leaves egg-shaped, hairy, with blunt tips.
Minuartia nuttallii – Nuttall's Sandwort
Matted plant, 3-10 cm tall, glandular-hairy. Open sagebrush hills-alpine slopes. Flowers white, 10-15 mm wide, on spreading stalks. Petals broad-lanceolate. Leaves 5-10 mm long, linear- to awl- or narrowly needle-shaped, 3-nerved.
Silene latifolia – White Campion
Hairy plant, 30-110 cm tall with male or female flowers on separate plants. Flowers are white, large, with deeply divided, curled petals. Leaves opposite, lance-shaped, hairy, up to 10 cm long and 2 cm broad.
Stellaria longipes – Long-stalked Starwort
Small, hairless herb, slender, growing in small tufts at higher elevations. Flowers white, about 1 cm wide, petals longer than sepals, on long stalks. Leaves are bluish-gray, stiff, stalkless, lance-shaped to linear, pointed.
Stellaria media – Common Starwort
Trailing, matted plant, common garden weed, widespread on disturbed sites. Flowers small, white, several clustered on stem tops, sepals hairy. Leaves juicy green, broadly egg-shaped, short-stalked.
Convolvulus arvensis – Field Bindweed
Trailing or climbing herb, 0.2-2 m long. Introduced, weed on disturbed ground. Flowers white to pink, broadly funnel-shaped, about 2 cm wide. Leaves alternate, arrowhead-shaped, with basal lobes, long-stalked.
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi – Bearberry
Evergreen, trailing shrub, 5-15 cm tall. Well-drained, mostly wooded areas. Flowers pink, about 5 mm long, in clusters, the corolla urn-shaped, 5-lobed. Leaves alternate, spoon-shaped, 1.5-3 cm long, dark green and glossy above.
Cassiope mertensiana – White Mountain-heather
Dwarf, evergreen shrub, 5-30 cm tall. Moist sites, montane to alpine. Flowers white, bell-shaped, 5-8 mm long, nodding, on 5-30 mm long stalks. Leaves scale-like, thick, 2-5 mm long, in 4 vertical rows obscuring stem.
Ledum glandulosum – Trapper's Tea
Evergreen, leafy shrub, 40-80 cm tall. Moist to wet sites, montane to subalpine. Flowers white, 10-15 mm wide, many in dense, rounded clusters. Stamens long. Leaves 1.5-4 cm long, elliptic-oblong, mealy below, with edges rolled under.
Moneses uniflora – One-flowered Wintergreen
Evergreen herb, 3-15 cm tall. Moist woods, montane to subalpine zone. Flowers white, single and terminal, nodding, fragrant, 1.5-2.5 cm broad. Leaves basal, the blades almost round, 1-2.5 cm long, tapering to the stalks.
Astragalus drummondii – Drummond's Milkvetch
Stems 40-70 cm tall, grayish-long-stiff-hairy. Dry hillsides, plains and foothills. Flowers pale whitish, 18-25 mm long, drooping. Calyx finely black-hairy. Leaves with 13-31 leaflets, long-spreading-hairy on the lower surface.
Astragalus gilviflorus – Plains Milkvetch
Plant tufted, stems 1-3 cm long. Dry, gravelly sites on the plains. Flowers 20-30 mm long, ochroleucous. Keel purple-tipped, very short. Leaves basal, 2-6 cm long, long-stalked, with 3 elliptic leaflets 1-3 cm long.
Glycyrrhiza lepidota – Wild Licorice
Aromatic, glandular, sticky plant, 30-120 cm tall. Disturbed and low ground. Flowers yellowish-white, 10-15 mm long, in several dense, stalked clusters. Leaves odd-pinnate, with 11-19 pointed leaflets, glandular-dotted.
Hedysarum sulphurescens – Yellow Sweet-vetch
Plant has leafy stems, 30-60 cm tall. Open forested areas. Flowers yellowish to whitish, 14-18 mm long, hanging, in often 1-sided clusters. Leaves with 9-21 broad leaflets, pointed at tips, prominently veined.
Medicago sativa – Alfalfa
Plant 30-100 cm tall. Introduced, mostly on disturbed ground, used for forage. Flowers blue to whitish-yellow, 7-11 mm long, in rounded, stalked clusters. Leaves are divided into 3 leaflets which are sharply toothed on upper halves.
Melilotus albus – White Sweet-clover
Annual or biennial, 50-300 cm tall, freely branched. Mostly disturbed ground. Flowers 4-6 mm long, white, sweet-smelling, in slender, spike-like clusters. Leaves with 3 leaflets, elliptic to oblong, sharply toothed, the middle one stalked.
Oxytropis sericea – Silky Locoweed
Flower stems 10-30 cm tall, flat-silvery-hairy. Prairieland to drier meadows. Flowers white to yellowish, 15-27 mm long. Keel often purplish-tipped. Leaves basal, 5-30 cm long, the 11-17 leaflets with dense, flat, silky hairs.
Trifolium repens – White Clover
Mat-forming, stems short, rooting at nodes. Disturbed ground, meadows, lawns. Flowers 5-9 mm long, in round heads 15-20 mm broad. Calyx hairless. Leaves with short to long stalks, the 3 leaflets 1-2 cm long, finely toothed.
Gentiana algida – Arctic Gentian
Tufted perennial, 5-20 cm tall. Moist but well-drained sites in the alpine zone. Flowers white with purple edges, tubular, with 5 lobes, about 4-5 cm long. Basal leaves lance-shaped, 4-12 cm long. Stem leaves opposite, 3-5 cm long.
Ribes hudsonianum – Northern Black Currant
Shrub 0.5-1 m tall, without spines. Stream banks, moist woods, thickets. Flowers white, about 1 cm broad, many in long, narrow clusters. Leaves with 3-5 pointed, toothed lobes, hairy. Berries black, 7-12 mm long.
Marrubium vulgare – Horehound
Plant 30-100 cm tall. Casual weed along roadsides and disturbed habitats. Flowers whitish, about 6 mm long, in dense, round clusters from upper leaf axils. Leaves opposite, thick, rounded, toothed and coarsely wrinkled, 20-55 mm long.
Mentha arvensis – Wild Mint
Aromatic, glandular-dotted plant, 20-80 cm tall. Moist to wet sites. Flowers pinkish, 4-7 mm long, 4-lobed, in dense clusters from upper leaf axils. Leaves opposite, 2-8 cm long, lance-shaped, sharp-toothed, mostly stalkless.
Nepeta cataria – Catnip
Stems branched, 30-100 cm tall, short-gray-hairy. Meadows, roadsides. Flowers white with small purple dots, 10-15 mm long, in dense, tall clusters. Leaves opposite, coarsely toothed, stalked, heart-shaped, 2.5-7 cm long.
Allium cernuum – Nodding Onion
Stem slender, 10-50 cm tall, onion-smelling. Meadows, plains to montane. Flowers white to pink, bell-shaped, 6-7 mm wide, in nodding top clusters. Leaves basal, grass-like, 3-7 mm wide, flat or keeled. Edible plant.
Calochortus gunnisonii – Gunnison's Mariposa-lily
Stem 10-30 cm tall, simple. Grasslands and open coniferous forests. Flowers white, 1 to few, 4-7 cm wide, with 3 broad petals, greenish within. Leaves: few, small, grass-like, alternate. Medicinal plant, all parts edible.
Leucocrinum montanum – Star Lily
Stemless, about 5-10 cm tall. Sandy to rocky areas, plains to montane. Flowers white, fragrant, about 3 cm broad, long-stalked, from base of the plant. Leaves: basal, tufted, grass-like, up to 20 cm long. Roots reportedly edible.
Lloydia serotina – Alp Lily
Stem 5-15 cm tall, almost naked. Cliffs and rock crevices in the alpine zone. Flowers mostly solitary, white, about 2 cm broad, with colored veins. Leaves basal and alternate, small, short, grass-like.
Maianthemum stellatum – Starry False Solomon's Seal
Stem 20-60 cm tall, leafy, arched. Moist woods to dry, exposed hills. Flowers white, 10-15 mm wide, with 6 spreading tepals, in a loose top cluster. Leaves: alternate, broad, pointed, stalkless, in 2 rows.
Streptopus amplexifolius – Clasping-leaved Twisted-stalk
Stems 50-100 cm tall, leafy, freely branched. Moist forests, mountain thickets. Flowers greenish-white, 1 cm wide, twisted-stalked, with curved back tepals. Leaves: alternate, broad, sharp-pointed, clasping stem.
Xerophyllum tenax – Beargrass
Robust plant, 50-150 cm tall, in colonies. Open woods, montane to subalpine. Flowers white, fragrant, long-stalked, numerous in a dense top cluster.. Leaves: mainly basal, in large clumps, grass-like, sharp-edged.
Zigadenus elegans – Mountain Death-camas
Stem 15-70 cm tall, waxy-coated. Moist forests, meadows, montane-alpine. Flowers white, about 2 cm wide, with inner green, heart-shaped markings. Leaves mainly basal, grass-like, keeled. All parts highly poisonous.
Zigadenus venenosus – Meadow Death-camas
Stem 20-50 cm tall. Moist forests, meadows, montane-alpine. Flowers greenish-white, about 1.5 cm wide, with inner green, oval markings. Leaves mainly basal, grass-like, keeled. All parts highly poisonous.
Mentzelia decapetala – Ten-petal Eveningstar
Perennial, 30-100 cm tall, rough with barbed, spine-like hairs. Dry, open slopes. Flowers yellow-white, 8-12 cm across, with 10 petals, open in the evening. Leaves alternate, fleshy, lanceolate, 4-15 cm long, pinnatifid with wavy lobes.
Malva neglecta – common Mallow
Spreading annual, 20-60 cm tall, short-hairy. Fields, gardens, disturbed areas. Flowers white-pink, about 2 cm wide, 1-3 from leaf axils, with 5 notched petals. Leaves alternate, long-stalked, round to heart-shaped, round-toothed.
Epilobium ciliatum – Purple-leaved Willowherb
Perennial, 30-100 cm tall, branched and hairy above. Moist sites. Flowers rose-purple to white, 5-15 mm wide, erect, with 4 notched petals. Leaves basal and opposite, lance-shaped, 3-7 cm long, shallowly toothed.
Oenothera cespitosa – Tufted Evening Primrose
Tufted, almost stemless perennial rarely up to 25 cm tall. Dry, bare hills. Flowers white to pink, 5-9 cm wide, single from the base, open in the evening. Leaves basal, oblanceolate, entire or toothed, 10-25 cm long, 1-2.5 cm broad.
Coeloglossum viride – Bracted Orchid
Sturdy, leafy-stemmed perennial, 20-50 cm tall, hairless. Woods and slopes. Flowers greenish with 3-lobed lower lip, many in a dense, elongated spike. Leaves alternate, sheathing, oblong-lanceolate, 5-10 cm long.
Platanthera dilatata – White Bog Orchid
Flowers are very fragrant, mostly white, with an upper hood, 2 wings and a lower lip which is expanded at its base, and a slender, curved spur. Flowers are growing in long, spike-like clusters.
Spiranthes romanzoffiana – Hooded Ladies' Tresses
Stems hairless, 10-40 cm tall. Moist to swampy areas, foothills to montane. Flowers whitish, sweet-scented, many in spiralling rows in a dense spike. Leaves alternate, near the base of the stem, narrowly oblong, 8-20 cm long.
Collomia debilis – Alpine Mountain-trumpet
Perennial, 10-20 cm tall, with many creeping stems. Rocky mountain slopes. Flowers pinkish to white, 2-3 cm long, trumpet-shaped with long tube. Leaves crowded toward the top of the stem, up to 3 cm long and 13 mm wide.
Ipomopsis spicata – Spiked Gilia
Perennial, 5-30 cm tall, thinly cobwebby-woolly-hairy. Dry, open places. Flowers white, about 1 cm long, numerous in a dense, rounded top cluster. Leaves 3-parted or pinnatifid, 1-6 cm long, with very narrow segments.
Phlox albomarginata – White-edged Phlox
Cushioned perennial, up to 5 cm tall, glandular. Rocky places, high mountains. Flowers white, 15-20 mm wide, solitary on stem tips. Style 5-8 mm long. Leaves broadly lanceolate, 2-7 mm long and 1-2.5 mm wide, thick-edged.
Phlox longifolia – Long-leaved Phlox
Perennial, 10-40 cm tall, often woody at the base. Dry, open rocky places. Flowers white, 2-3 cm wide, in clusters. The style is 6-15 mm long. Leaves linear, mostly 1.5-8 cm long and 1-3 mm wide.
Phlox multiflora – Rocky Mountain Phlox
Mat-forming perennial, loosely almost erect, up to 10 cm tall. Mountains. Flowers white, about 2 cm wide, few on stem tips. The style is 5.5-8 mm long. Leaves slightly rough-surfaced, linear, 12-30 mm long and 1-2 mm wide.
Claytonia lanceolata – Western Springbeauty
Delicate, fleshy herb, 5-20 cm tall. Moist, open sites, foothills to alpine. Flowers white to pinkish, 10-15 mm wide, with 5 petals and 2 sepals. Leaves basal and opposite, 1 pair on stem, egg- to lance-shaped, stalkless.
Androsace septentrionalis – Northern Rock Jasmine
Stems many, leafless, 3-25 cm tall. Dry, open sites, plains to alpine zone. Flowers white, 3-4 mm wide, many on stalks 1-5 cm long in umbel-clusters. Leaves basal, 1-3 cm long, oblanceolate, gradually narrowed to the base.
Actaea rubra – Baneberry
Branched plant, leafy, growing several red, glossy berries in the fall. Flowers small, white, with slender petals, in dense, rounded clusters. Leaves alternate, few, 2-3 times divided in 3's. Segments toothed and lobed.
Anemone parviflora – Northern Anemone
Alpine plant, 5-20 cm tall, sparsely hairy. Moist, open or shaded sites. Flowers solitary, 2-3 cm wide. Sepals 5, white, rounded. Leaves 2-3 cm wide, glossy, divided into 3 wedge-shaped, lobed leaflets.
Caltha leptosepala – Mountain Marsh Marigold
Low, alpine plant with fleshy, leafless stems, 5-10 cm tall. Wet, open sites. Flowers white, solitary, 2-4 cm wide with 5-15 petal-looking sepals. Leaves basal, oblong to heart-shaped, thick, waxy, long-stalked, wavy edges.
Clematis ligusticifolia – Western White Clematis
Woody vine, stems 3-6 m high, often in dense, tangled mats. Dry areas. Flowers white-cream-colored, 2 cm wide, with 4 sepals and many flat stamens. Leaves opposite, pinnately divided into 5-7 stalked, lance-shaped leaflets.
Trollius laxus – Globe Flower
Hairless herb, 10-40 cm tall. Moist to wet, open sites, montane-alpine. Flowers white-creamy, 2-4 cm wide, solitary, with 5-9 petal-looking sepals. Leaves palmately divided into 5 toothed segments, membranous lobes at base.
Amelanchier alnifolia – Saskatoon Serviceberry
Shrub 1-5 m. tall with round, purple-black fruits, 10-14 mm long. Open woods. Flowers white, 2-3 cm wide, with 5 oblong petals and usually 5 styles. Leaves alternate, oval to nearly round, 2-4 cm long, sharply small-toothed.
Fragaria virginiana – Wild Strawberry
Low plant with creeping stems. Wooded, gravelly areas, plains-montane. Flowers white, regular. Petals 5, white, round, 6-13 mm long. Leaves divided into 3 toothed leaflets, middle end tooth smaller.
Physocarpus malvaceus – Mallow Ninebark
Shrub 50-100 cm tall. Fruits are follicles, in pairs, reddish, about 5 mm long. Flowers in dense, round clusters, white, about 10 mm wide, with 5 round petals. Leaves alternate, 2-6 cm long, ovate to heart-shaped, with 3-5 toothed lobes.
Prunus virginiana – Choke Cherry
Shrub or small tree 1-4 m tall. Fruits are cherries, red to purple or black. Flowers white, 10-12 mm wide, in dense, elongated clusters. Petals 5, round. Leaves alternate, elliptic, finely sharp-toothed, 4-10 cm long, pointed at tips.
Rubus idaeus – Wild Red Raspberry
Stems prickly, widely branching, 100-150 cm tall. Rocky areas, montane zone. Flowers small, white. Petals 5, oblong, 4-6 mm long. Sepals longer than petals. Leaves divided into 3-5 leaflets, double-toothed, white-hairy beneath.
Rubus parviflorus – Thimbleberry
Shrub 50-200 cm tall. Open to wooded, moist to dry areas up to subalpine zone. Flowers white, few in open clusters. Petals 5, broadly oval, 15-20 mm long. Leaves large, 10-20 cm wide, with heart-shaped bases, palmately lobed.
Spiraea betulifolia – White Spiraea
Spreading shrub, about 25-60 cm tall. Moist to dry mountain slopes. Flowers white, many in clusters 3-8 cm broad. The 5 petals 2 mm long. Leaves alternate, oval, about 2-7 cm long, coarsely sharp-toothed.
Galium boreale – Northern Bedstraw
Stems slender, 20-60 cm tall, leafy. In many drier habitats, foothills-subalpine. Flowers white, 4-7 mm wide, with 4 petals, many in repeatedly 3-forked clusters. Leaves in whorls of 4, linear to lance-shaped, 2-6 cm long, 3-nerved, stalkless.
Comandra umbellata – Pale Comandra
Parasitic herb, 5-30 cm tall, leafy, branched, usually clustered. Plains-foothills. Flowers white, 6-8 mm wide, with 5 pointed sepals, in dense clusters. Leaves alternate, almost stalkless, elliptic, 5-40 mm long and 1-10 mm broad.
Heuchera cylindrica – Round-leaved Alumroot
Glandular herb, 15-50 cm tall. Shaded, rocky sites, higher elevations. Flowers creamy-white, bell-shaped. Calyx 6-8 mm long, longer than petals. Leaves basal, heart- to egg-shaped, 5-7-lobed, 2-5 cm long, long-stalked.
Lithophragma parviflorum – Small-flowered Woodland Star
Glandular-hairy, 10-30 cm tall. Dry, rocky sites, foothills to montane. Flowers 12-15 mm wide, 3-11 in top clusters. Calyx tapered, 4-6 mm long. Basal leaves 1-3 cm long, hairy, 5-lobed, long-stalked. Stem leaves smaller.
Parnassia fimbriata – Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus
Has 1 clasping leaf near mid-stem, 10-30 cm tall. Wet sites in mountains. Flowers white, about 20 mm wide. Petals 5-7-veined, with hair-like fringes. Leaves basal, broadly heart- to kidney-shaped, glossy, stalked.
Saxifraga bronchialis – Spotted Saxifrage
Alpine, mat-forming, 5-15 cm tall. Dry, open rocky sites. Flowers white, 10-15 mm wide, in open clusters. Petals spotted purple/yellow. Leaves basal and alternate, rigid, 5-15 mm long, lance-shaped, spine-tipped.
Saxifraga odontoloma – Brook Saxifrage
Stem reddish-glandular, 20-60 cm tall. Wet meadows, springs, high elevations. Flowers white, on wide branches. Petals round, with 2 yellow dots. Stamens flat. Leaves basal, up to 6 cm wide, smooth, kidney-shaped, with 15-30 teeth.
Saxifraga rhomboidea – Diamond-leaved Saxifrage
Glandular stem, 10-20 cm tall. Moist, open slopes, foothills to alpine. Flowers white, short-stalked, many in dense, ball-like heads. Leaves basal, thick, diamond-shaped, short-stalked, with round-toothed edges.
Collinsia parviflora – Blue-eyed Mary
Stems slender, weak, 5-30 cm tall. Sparsely vegetated areas, foothills-montane. Flowers pale-blue to white and blue, 4-10 mm long. Lobes in 2 pairs. Leaves opposite, 1-4 cm long, narrowly egg-shaped to linear, short-hairy.
Pedicularis bracteosa – Bracted Lousewort
Plant 20-60 cm tall. Moist, open or wooded sites, montane to alpine. Flowers pale yellow, tinged with purple. Numerous in tall spikes. Beakless. Leaves alternate, fern-like, 6-30 cm long.
Pedicularis contorta – Coiled Lousewort
Stems 15-50 cm tall. Dry, open and wooded sites, montane-alpine. Flowers white, in loose clusters. Long, curved beak on upper lip. Calyx 5-lobed. Leaves alternate, fern-like, deeply cut into narrow, toothed leaflets.
Penstemon deustus – Hotrock Penstemon
Stems 20-60 cm tall, woody base. Grassy and rocky sites, plains-subalpine. Flowers white or cream, 8-20 mm long, in dense clusters. Upper 2 lobes small. Leaves oblanceolate, up to 6 cm long and 2.5 cm wide, toothed.
Solanum physalifolium – Hairy Nightshade
Branching annual, 15-60 cm tall, spreading-sticky-hairy. Moist, disturbed areas. Flowers white, star-shaped, 7-12 mm wide, with 5 pointed lobes. Leaves alternate, hairy, ovate, shallowly blunt-toothed or entire.
Solanum triflorum – Cut-leaved Nightshade
Low annual, spreading, 10-80 cm long, almost hairless. Disturbed ground. Flowers white, star-shaped, 8-10 mm wide, with 5 pointed lobes. Leaves alternate, often short-hairy, deeply pinnately cut into pointed lobes.
Valeriana acutiloba – Subalpine Valerian
Perennial, stem 10-60 cm tall, finely short-hairy. Rocky areas in the mountains. Flowers white, 4-7 mm long, tubular, with 5 spreading lobes, in dense clusters. Basal leaves spatulate, stem leaves opposite, whole or pinnate with few leaflets.
Valeriana edulis – Edible Valerian
Hairless perennial, 10-120 cm tall. Not too dry, open areas in the mountains. Flowers white, 1-3.5 mm long, with 5 spreading lobes, in elongated clusters. Basal leaves long, narrow. Stem leaves opposite, pinnate with narrow leaflets.
Valeriana sitchensis – Sitka Valerian
Perennial, 30-70 cm tall. Moist sites, foothills to alpine. Flowers white, 4-7 mm long, tubular, with 5 spreading lobes, in dense clusters. Leaves opposite, pinnately divided into 3-5 egg-shaped, blunt-toothed leaflets.
Viola canadensis – Canada Violet
Perennial, 10-40 cm tall, with leafy stems. In moist woodland and forests. Flowers white to pinkish, with yellow in the middle, 2-3 cm wide. Leaves basal and alternate, long-stalked, the blades heart-shaped, 4-8 cm long.
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