Arctic Gentian
Gentiana algida Pallas
Family: Gentianaceae, Gentian
Genus: Gentiana
Other names: whitish gentian
Nomenclature: algida = cold (habitat)
Nativity / Invasiveness: Montana native plant
No edibility data
No medicinal data

General: plant height: 5-20 cm tall. Growth habit: tufted perennial with short rhizomes. Stems: one to several, leafy, hairless.

Leaves: hairless, about 5-10 mm broad, the basal ones linear- to lance-shaped, 4-12 cm long. Stem leaves opposite, in 3-5 pairs, lance-shaped, 3-5 cm long, their bases joined for 5-8 mm.

Flowers: funnel-shaped, usually in terminal pairs. Corolla 35-50 mm long, white or pale yellowish, with 5 short pointed lobes, with purple-blotched area from the back of each lobe nearly to the calyx, with lengthwise fold between each lobe. Calyx narrowly funnel-shaped, about 2 cm long, usually purplish-blotched, the tube squared off between the lobes, which are almost equal, linear to lance-shaped, slightly keeled, from half as long to almost equal the tube length. June-August.

Fruits: capsules.


Moist but well-drained sites in the alpine zone, in s. parts of MT. Also from CO to AK and in e. Siberia.
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