Spotted Saxifrage
Saxifraga bronchialis L.
Family: Saxifragaceae, Saxifrage
Genus: Saxifraga
Other names: prickly saxifrage
Nomenclature: bronchialis = like bronchial tubes
Nativity / Invasiveness: Montana native plant
No edibility data
No medicinal data

General: evergreen, tufted perennial, usually in cushions up to 3 dm broad. Flowering stems 5-15 cm tall, more or less glandular-short-hairy, especially above.

Leaves: alternate, rigid, mainly crowded near the stem base, linear-lanceolate, persisting for many years, about 5-15 mm long and 1-2.5 mm broad, entire, coarsely hairy on edges, rounded to pointed, but always with a small spine on the tip, otherwise hairless.

Flowers: mostly 2-10 in an open, often flat-topped cluster. Petals 5, white, usually strongly purple-spotted above the middle, mostly 5-7 mm long, obovate. Calyx saucer-shaped, the united portion 1/2-1/3 as long as the lobes. The sepals 1.5-2.5 mm long, triangular to oval, hairless or sparingly hairy on edges, spreading. Filaments somewhat shorter than the petals, inserted at the edge of the ovary. Ovary projecting upward into short hollow stylar beaks 1-2 mm long, true solid styles lacking. June-August.

Fruits: erect capsules in pairs, usually purplish, 4-5 mm long exclusive of the spreading beaks. Seeds dark brown, 0.7-0.9 mm long, oblanceolate-ellipsoid, nearly smooth.


Rock crevices and rock slides to open slopes, foothills to alpine zone, in w. and sc. parts of MT. Also from AK to OR, ID and NM.
Sub taxa:

Our specimen belong to ssp. austromontana (Wieg.) Piper.

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