Montana Plant Life Premium Membership


Montana Plant Life is now available online with Premium Content, featuring the entire Collection of 2,063 species of Montana plants, classified in 176 plant families, with over 9,000 images.

The Premium Membership gives online access to the same material as the Montana Plant Life DVD, but is also compatible with Mac's and other non-Windows systems, and with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, which don't have DVD drives. You also get the content updated immediately as new plant species and images are added and other new features are implemented.
The general web site will still have 250 species, and those hosted there can be compared side by side to the following lists:

Species counts for some plant categories on Premium:
  • 2,063 total species
  • 1,780 species of Seed Plants, in 107 families
  • 283 species of Spore Plants, in 69 families
  • 1,774 Native Plants, and 293 Introduced Plants
  • 1,369 Herbs, 156 Shrubs, 40 Trees, and 226 Grass-like plants
  • 564 Edible Plants, with details described
  • 653 Medicinal Plants, with properties described
  • 170 Poisonous Plants, with properties described
  • 114 Weeds, including 24 Noxious Weeds

Other features on Premium in addition to the general web site:
  • Trees, Grasses and Sedges added as categories of Seed Plants
  • Ferns and Allies, Mosses, Lichens and Liverworts added as categories of Spore Plants
  • Index for 273 Sensitive Plants
  • Indexes added for Habitats: Ditches, Flood Plains, In Water, Thickets, Ravines, and On Cliffs and Rocks
  • Expanded indexes for Edible Flowers, Stems, Bark, Sap, Spores, and Lichens
  • Expanded indexes for Poisonous Flowers, Stems, and Lichens

Satisfaction is guaranteed, all first-time signups start with free preview, 10 days for yearly and 3 days for monthly signups. If you are not fully satisfied with your Montana Plant Life Premium Membership you can always cancel at any time, and if you cancel within the free preview it will be at no cost.
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