Lithophragma – Woodland Star
The genus Lithophragma has a cluster of flowers grouped closely near the top of the stem. The flowers bear 5 white to pinkish-tinged petals. The petals are deeply 3-5 cleft, sometimes with each division further divided, giving the petals a tattered look. The calyx is cup-like, or broadly rounded at the base. The stems have glandular hairs, often with purple tips. The basal leaves are palmately divided to the base into 5 wedge-shaped segments which are individually lobed. The basal leaves are smooth-surfaced, sometimes haired underneath, and have long stalks. The 2-5 stem leaves are similar to the basal leaves, but reduced in size. The fruits are capsules, splitting open along 3 lines.
Guide to Identify Presented Species of Genus Lithophragma
L. parviflorum – Small-flowered Woodland Star
Glandular-hairy, 10-30 cm tall. Dry, rocky sites, foothills to montane. Flowers 12-15 mm wide, 3-11 in top clusters. Calyx tapered, 4-6 mm long. Basal leaves 1-3 cm long, hairy, 5-lobed, long-stalked. Stem leaves smaller.
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