Alpine Paintbrush
Castilleja rhexifolia
Family: Scrophulariaceae, Figwort
Genus: Castilleja

General: perennial, the stems clustered, erect or ascending
from a woody base, 10-30 (40) cm tall, usually unbranched,
almost hairless, softly long-hairy, or sometimes somewhat
Leaves: alternate, linear-lanceolate or sometimes
broader, ordinarily all entire, but the upper ones sometimes
slightly lobed, hairless to short-hairy, finely long-hairy, or
with somewhat sticky hairs.
Flowers: many in a conspicuous cluster, generally
crimson, but varying to scarlet and occasionally yellow, at
first short and broad, but often elongating in fruit. Bracts
oblong-ovate, entire and rounded or sometimes pointed,
commonly with 1-2 pairs of short side lobes, softly long-
hairy. Calyx 15-25 mm long, almost equally cleft above and
below, its primary lobes again divided into 2 usually blunt
segments 3-6 mm long. Corolla 20-35 mm long, its short-
hairy galea usually much shorter than the tube and 4-5
times as long as the dark green, thickened, lower lip.
Flowering time: June-August.
capsules with many net-veined seeds.

Alpine and subalpine meadows and slopes, in w. and c.
parts of MT. Also in Rocky Mts. from Alberta and B.C. to
ID, CO and n. UT.
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