Snow Paintbrush
Castilleja nivea
Pennell & Ownbey
Family: Scrophulariaceae, Figwort
Genus: Castilleja

General: perennial from a woody base, stems single or
clustered, erect or ascending, weak, often S-curved, mostly
unbranched, 5-15 cm tall, short-woolly-hairy.
Leaves: alternate, narrowly linear-lanceolate, the lower
ones entire, the upper ones broader, 3-parted to about the
middle, with linear side lobes, greyish with a covering of
short, woolly hairs.
Flowers: several in a relatively narrow and congested
cluster, flowers and bracts close together. The bracts are
lanceolate, pointed, snowy-short-woolly, with 2 narrow side
lobes. Flowers not hidden by the bracts, yellowish. Calyx
15-20 mm long, almost equally cleft into 4 broadly linear
segments. Corolla 18-25 mm long, generally protruding 3-5
mm beyond the calyx. Lower lip prominent, strongly
pouched, about half the length of the galea, both strongly
Flowering time: July-August.
capsules with many net-veined seeds.

Arctic-alpine in the mountains of s.w. and c. MT. Now
known from the Big Snowy, Tobacco Root, Crazy and
Beartooth ranges. Also in n. WY.
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