Mountainside Paintbrush
Castilleja crista-galli
Family: Scrophulariaceae, Figwort
Genus: Castilleja

General: perennial, stems clustered, erect or ascending
from a woody base, 20-50 cm tall, usually unbranched,
softly short-hairy to obscurely long-hairy, rarely hairless.
Leaves: alternate, short-hairy or sometimes hairless,
the lower ones linear-lanceolate, entire, the upper ones
commonly with a pair of side lobes, these narrower than
the mid-blade.
Flowers: several in a relatively short and broad cluster,
flowers and bracts close together. The flower cluster
conspicuous, bright red or scarlet, rather lax. Bracts softly
short- and long-hairy, deeply 3- to 5-parted, about as long
as the flowers. Calyx about 25-35 mm long, deeply cleft
below, usually less deeply so above, its primary lobes
again divided into 2 slender, pointed segments 1-10 mm
long. Corolla about 30-40 mm long, its short-hairy galea
usually about 3/5 the length of the tube and about 5 times
as long as the dark green, thickened, lower lip.
Flowering time: Late June-August.
capsules with many net-veined seeds.

Dry mountainsides and shale slopes, in the understory of
conifer forests, open meadows, and on limestone outcrops,
in s.w. parts of MT. Also in extreme n.w. WY, westward to
Lemhi and Custer counties, ID.
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