Technical Notes

This site is set up as default with a top frame, for the general navigation of the site, and a left frame, from where all plant lists can be accessed. It is best viewed with a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

For the site to work properly, Javascript needs to be enabled, and it has been tested to work properly in Internet Explorer 11.0 and up, Mozilla Firefox 36.0 or higher, and in Google Chrome.

It's mainly the main menu for the species lists in the left frame that require the newer browsers to work. The reason this menu was designed for touch/click rather than hover was to make it usable on touch devices, like tablets and smart phones, as well.

This menu for touch/click is referred to as "New Menu." For older browsers there is a link to the old hover menu as well (referred to as "Old Menu").

The large images are in Adobe Flash format, and should display by default by most modern browsers. Otherwise, Adobe Flash may need to be installed.
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