Primulaceae - Primrose Family
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Primulaceae are herbaceous plants, usually perennial but some are annual. The family has leaves that are basal, opposite, or alternate, but usually entire and always without stipules. Glandular hairs, simple or compound, are common.
The flowers grow in clusters of different shapes. They are radially symmetric, bisexual, and usually consisting of 5 parts. The calyx is united at the base, and so is the corolla. The corolla lobes are often strongly bent backwards. The flowers have 5 stamens, attached opposite the petals. There is a single, one-celled pistil with a superior ovary. The fruit is a 5-valved capsule with many seeds.
The Primrose family has about 28 genera and nearly 1,000 species in all. The family occurs throughout the temperate regions of the world, but is most abundant in the northern hemisphere.
The economic importance of the Primulaceae comes from the horticultural value of some of its members. Both Primula and Cyclamen are available in local stores in the spring. Lysimachia is grown for ground cover and flowers in the summer. Some members of the family are poisonous, and a few have useful medicinal properties. Lysimachia provides a yellow dye, and flowers of Primula veris can be used to make home-made wine.

Guide to Identify Presented Species of the Primrose Family
Androsace septentrionalis - Northern Rock Jasmine
Stems many, leafless, 3-25 cm tall. Dry, open sites, plains to alpine zone.
Flowers white, 3-4 mm wide, many on stalks 1-5 cm long in umbel-clusters.
Leaves basal, 1-3 cm long, oblanceolate, gradually narrowed to the base.
Dodecatheon conjugens - Desert Shooting Star
Stems 1 to 10 from base, leafless, 10-30 cm tall. Moist to not too dry meadows.
Flowers single, purple, 1-3 cm long, with 5 lobes bent back from a yellow collar.
Leaves basal, oblong to spoon-shaped, 3-20 cm long, tapered to winged stalks.
Dodecatheon pulchellum - Pretty Shootingstar
Stems single, leafless, 5-40 cm tall. Moist to wet sites, plains to alpine.
Flowers few, purple, 15-25 mm long, with 5 lobes bent back from yellow collar.
Leaves basal, oblong to spoon-shaped, 3-20 cm long, tapered to winged stalks.
Lysimachia ciliata - Fringed Loosestrife
Stems single, leafy, 30-120 cm tall. Damp meadows, ponds, along streams.
Flowers yellow, about 2 cm wide, with 5 spreading round lobes, point-tipped.
Leaves opposite, ovate, 5-15 cm long, rough-edged, the stalks 5-20 mm long.
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Rock Jasmine
Shooting Star
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