Convolvulaceae - Bindweed Family
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Members of Convolvulaceae are usually climbing or trailing plants, with alternate leaves along their stems. The flowers have 5 sepals, a lightly 5-lobed funnel-shaped corolla, and 5 stamens attached to the corolla tube. In the bud stage, the flowers are twisted, and unravel as they open. There are 2 divisions in the pistil, each of which form a seed.
Members of this family have been cultivated for ornamentation, and are popular in gardens and lawns. However, some introduced species are troublesome weeds in some areas. The Sweet Potato is a member of Convolvulaceae, as is the Field Bindweed (Convolvulus arvensis).
A cosmopolitan family of 1500 species in 50 genera, mainly herbs and shrubs with trailing or twining stems, sometimes containing a milky sap. Usually instantly recognisable by their trumpet shaped flowers.

Guide to Identify Presented Species of the Bindweed Family
Convolvulus arvensis - Field Bindweed
Trailing or climbing herb, 2-3 m long. Introduced, weed on disturbed ground.
Flowers white to pink, broadly funnel-shaped, about 2 cm wide.
Leaves alternate, arrowhead-shaped, with basal lobes, 5-12 cm long, stalked.
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