Mountain Hollyhock
Iliamna rivularis (Dougl. ex Hook.) Greene
Family: Malvaceae, Mallow
Genus: Iliamna
Other names: streambank globemallow
Nomenclature: rivularis = from a stream side
Nativity / Invasiveness: Montana native plant
No edibility data
No medicinal data

General: stout, bushy, leafy, perennial herb covered with sparse, star-shaped hairs, 0.5-2 m tall, from rhizomes.

Leaves: alternate, the blades 4-10 cm long, broadly cordate, 5- to 7-lobed, on stalks 5-10 cm long, the lobes triangular, pointed, coarsely sharp- to blunt-toothed and finely covered with star-shaped hairs. The 2 stipules at base linear-lanceolate, about 1 cm long.

Flowers: rose-purplish, broadly cup-shaped, 1 to several in elongated clusters on stout stalks mostly less than 1 cm long from the leaf axils. The 5 calyx lobes joined about half their length, about 3-5 mm long, triangular. The 3 bracteoles of the calyx linear to lanceolate. The 5 broad petals about 2 cm long, rounded or slightly notched at the middle. The numerous stamens joined to a tube at the base but freed on the upper 3/4 part. June-August.

Fruits: capsules, round, flattened lengthwise, cheese-shaped, composed of several wedge-shaped segments, these about 8 mm long, the sides smooth, the back with long stiff brownish hairs and tiny soft star-shaped hairs. Seeds covered with fine, minute prickles.


Moist, wooded or disturbed areas, meadows, stream banks, foothills to subalpine, in w. and s.c. parts of MT. Also on the e. side of the Cascades, B.C. to OR and CO.
var. rivularis:
Sub taxa:

var. diversa (A. Nels.) Wiggins:
Leaves 3- to 5-lobed with straight bases. Occasional from c. ID to Yellowstone Nat. Park.

var. rivularis (Dougl. ex Hook.) Greene:
Leaves 5- to 7-lobed with cordate bases. Common and widespread.

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