Rocky Mountain Fringed Gentian
Gentianopsis thermalis (Kuntze) Iltis
Family: Gentianaceae, Gentian
Genus: Gentianopsis
Synonyms: Gentiana detonsa, Gentiana elegans, Gentianella detonsa
Other names: Rocky Mountain fringedgentian
Nomenclature: thermalis = of warm springs
Nativity / Invasiveness: Montana native plant
No edibility data
No medicinal data

General: hairless annual 10-35 cm tall, stems usually several from the base, simple or branched.

Leaves: numerous in a basal tuft, oblanceolate to spatulate, 1.5-4 cm long, stem leaves opposite, 2-4 pairs, narrowly lanceolate to oblong or oblanceolate.

Flowers: terminal on long, naked stalks and usually also from leaf axils with a pair of scarcely reduced, leaflike bracts at or below midlength. Calyx 15-25 mm long, the 4 lobes pointed, about equaling the tube. Corolla 3.5-5.5 cm long, deep blue or purplish, glandular at the base between the bases of the filaments, the 4 lobes about equal to the tube, oblong-obovate, ragged at the tip and the sides. Stamens slightly shorter than, and inserted midlength of the corolla tube, the joined portion wing-edged, the free portion thin and flat. Anthers oblong, 3-4 mm long. Style comparatively slender, 4-6 mm long, the stigma lobed, broad and flattened, comb-like fringed. July-August.

Fruits: capsules, the seeds prism-shaped, about 0.5 mm long, finely honey-combed, dark-brown.


Meadows, bogs, and moist ground, in w. and s.c. parts of MT. Circumboreal, in N. America from Newf. to AK, ID, CA, AZ, Mexico, SD, IN and NY.
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