The Pussytoes Group
Pussytoes have very small flowerheads, mostly in dense, rounded clusters.
Flowerheads are usually white, with male and female flowers in separate heads.
Leaves are basal and alternate on the strem, mostly entire and woolly-hairy.
Plants are either grayish-hairy or hairless.
Guide to Identify Presented Species of the Pussytoes Group
Antennaria – Pussytoes
Usually low perennials, often mat-forming, in many various habitats. Flowerheads often many in a congested cluster, containing many disk flowers. Leaves basal and alternate, simple, mostly entire, often reduced upwards.
Anaphalis margaritacea – Pearly Everlasting
Leafy perennial, 20-60 cm tall. Forest openings, foothills-subalpine. Flowerheads white, 7-10 mm wide, with papery bracts, in dense clusters. Leaves alternate, lance-shaped to linear, entire, the edges often rolled under.
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